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nobody believes you about how scary and terrible naruto is unless they’ve seen it

but like the premise is children being trained to be assassins, like actual children not shonen heroes who are Technically Supposed To Be Fourteen But Act Like They’re At Least In Their Mid Twenties and every other character melts at least once if not multiple times

And this is shown so well during the Sasuke retrieval ark where children almost  d i e d  under the leadership skills of a fuckin 12 year old who still deals with the guilt of that today

Who later goes on to become a depressive, chain-smoking teen ninja but ya know no correlation whatsoever

yes oh my god

one moment that does it for me in the Sasuke Retrieval arc is when kakashi comes back from a mission and Tsunade tells him with the intention of it being off handed (as in, “you got nothin to do with this”)that his student has been kidnapped by the Big Bad Guy and she sent a half a dozen twelve year old genin after him, a dangerous and ruthless hokage-level criminal, and his followers who are all jounin level

and before she can give him his mission specs he bolts the fuck out of there because jesus christ why the fuck would you do something like that ?!?!

because he had no reason to believe they weren’t dead already. a few months ago shikamaru was up against a bunch of ninja and thought he was going to die but it took Asuma three seconds to save him from the same enemies. their parents make sure to check up on them and fight with them as often as possible even when they’re older teenagers. they can’t do shit themselves but they’re still asked to before they’re ready and it fucks them up f o r e v e r. compare the characters who are currently adults who became ninja earlier or later, especially with Kakashi’s generation because some of them would have been fighting in the war and some of them wouldn’t. compare team minato to Gai’s genin team.

i’ve noticed that this fandom as opposed to a lot of other fandoms is always pointing out that the characters are really young even in comparison to others where the characters are around the same ages. this series doesn’t pull any punches, it is absolutely brutal to it’s characters in a fairly atypical way for this genre, if you’re gonna give it nothing else you have to at least give it that


Some people never change. Some do…

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